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A simple change in what we put in dogs’ bowls can have a transformative impact on their health, inside and out. 

But no one tells it better than the real humans who have collectively fed over 200 million meals of real, fresh food to dogs across the country.

Better for them. Easier for you.

Vet Formulated

Human Grade

Personalized Meals

Their "Food"

Our Food


It's called "pet food," but the thing is, it's not food. We know it can sound weird, but it's true: Pet food does not have to meet the legal standards of safe, edible food. It can contain meat that's expired, diseased, or contaminated — and be made with alarmingly few safety measures. But loose labeling laws mean it can still be advertised as “premium,” “natural,” and even “organic" pet "food."

After our founders learned how traditional pet food was actually made, they made a fresh, truly healthy dog food that was really convenient for owners to feed. Our fresh food is designed by board-certified vet nutritionists to be complete and balanced, pre-portioned specifically for your dog, and shipped to your door.

How Your Plan Works

Get Your Trial Box

Choose Your Recipes

Start Feeding Fresh

Your trial contains 14 days of food — enough for you and your pup to get a taste before your first full order ships.

Pick which of our recipes you want your pup to try first, then wait by the door until your trial box arrives.

After you've had a chance to try it out, you'll start receiving perfectly timed deliveries of fresh, healthy food. 

Plan Features

Build Your Dog's Profile

Free & Flexible Deliveries

Personalized Plans

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Make Changes Anytime

What's in your trial box?

Our trial box is designed to make it simple for you and your dog to get started with feeding fresh, healthy food!

Real Food. Made Fresh. Delivered.

Two Weeks of Food for Your Dog

Transition Instructions

Personalized Feeding Guide

Heard Around the Park

When we started getting Odie's food from The Farmer’s Dog, he weighed 33 pounds! We had exhausted our options for him. Fast forward and he's lost 18 pounds and kept it off!! He has so much energy—he's a spunky 10.5 year old guy. Odie loves the food and we love that it's vet-approved and how easy his meals are to customize or change if needed."

Kim, mom to dachshund, Odie.

Obi had terrible allergies. We tried different foods, medicated baths every three days, vet visits, and more. After switching to The Farmer’s Dog he doesn’t have one single hot spot, and he doesn’t lick his paws chronically anymore. He also has a whole bunch of energy.”

Porter's mom

Sylvia, mom to 13-year-old Pekingese, Obi.

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