No.2 Fresh Poop Scent


With an unmissable, warm, clean, and divinely nutty scent, this limited runs candle is made of real, fresh, and healthy ingredients. Well-digested USDA-certified meat mingles with vacated vegetables (and an invigorating eau de toilette), inducing heady states of clarity, movement, and ultimately, sweet relief.

You can’t buy this candle (yet).But you can buy food that makes for fresher poops.

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Nobody’s a fool for wanting their dog’s poop to smell better. 

Dogs who are fed a diet of fresh food tend to produce poops that are less smelly and smaller in size. That’s because fresh food is absorbed more effectively into their body, so there’s less waste. The same can’t be said for the hellish cow pies produced by processed dog “food”.

Studies have shown diets made with lightly cooked, human-grade ingredients are more digestible than kibble. 

Dogs fed a kibble diet produce 1.5 to 2.9 times as much poop as those eating human-grade fresh food. Fresh food means more nutrition being absorbed by the dog, less poop being scooped by the human, and a (somewhat) sweeter smell wafting from the bag.

Your dog’s doodoo may never smell like a celebrity’s nethers, and that’s probably for the best.

But the smell of the High Quality Poops produced by a fresh diet is truly the smell of a healthier dog. Read more about your dog’s poop at this fresh link we’ve dropped here

Healthier Diet, Healthier Dog        

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