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Healthier Food for a Healthier Dog

Here’s how we make it simple to manage your dog’s weight with our fresh recipes. 

A big problem...

Obesity is a canine health crisis — nearly 60% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Far from being just a cosmetic issue, excess weight is linked to an array of diseases including diabetes and cancer. 

...That’s Sometimes Easy to Miss

Like life, your dog’s health is a game of inches. An inch here, a pound there—many dog owners might not even notice them, but they make a BIG difference. Being just 10% overweight can shorten a dog’s lifespan and contribute to arthritis. 

Dog Obesity Can Affect You Too

Obesity-related treatments can cost owners $2,000 per year.

Owners of overweight dogs spend more money than those with healthy weight dogs



on healthcare

on medications

Sources: Association for Pet Obesity Prevention Survey, 2016 & 2018 | Banfield Pet Hospital State of Pet Health, 2019 | Nationwide Pet Insurance Claims Report, 2016

How The Farmer’s Dog Helps

Our smarter, healthier pet food makes it straightforward to manage your dog’s weight.

Vet-Designed Recipes

Fresh, Healthy Ingredients

We formulate our recipes with board-certified vet nutritionists, so they contain everything your dog needs to thrive. 

Our recipes only use gently steamed human-grade ingredients. This preserves natural nutrients and moisture, helping your dog feel full for longer (without using starchy fillers).

Personalized Plans & Portions

Easy Adjustments

We calculate the exact number of daily calories your dog needs, using information like their breed, age, weight, activity level, and more — then send food pre-portioned to your door.

It’s easy to update your dog’s plan as they get closer to reaching their ideal weight — our team is here to help at every step, or you can make edits anytime in your customer account!

Their "Food"

Our Food


It's called "pet food," but the thing is, it's not food. We know it can sound weird, but it's true: Pet food does not have to meet the legal standards of safe, edible food. It can contain meat that's expired, diseased, or contaminated — and be made with alarmingly low safety standards. But loose labeling laws mean it can still be advertised as “premium,” “natural,” and even “organic" pet "food."

After our founders learned how traditional pet food was actually made, they made a fresh, truly healthy dog food that was really convenient for owners to feed. Our fresh food is designed by board-certified vet nutritionists to be complete and balanced, pre-portioned specifically for your dog, and shipped to your door.

Heard Around the Park

I never thought I could get the weight off her because we tried cutting back and that didn’t work because she was even more starved. I can’t get over how she’s not starved between meals now. Before, she would sometimes jump up on your lap to try to get your food out of your mouth.” 

Jasmine’s mom, on her pup’s 20-pound weight loss. 

Over the years, Maddie went from being a little overweight to a lot overweight. She stopped being able to jump up on the bed… She had to be carried up and down the stairs. All 70 pounds of her. I felt like I had tried everything to get the weight off her. Since switching, she’s lost more than 10 pounds, jumps into bed with me every morning, and runs and plays like she’s a puppy again.”

Maddie's mom

Porter's mom



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