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The Farmer’s Dog makes fresh, healthy recipes for dogs using human-grade meats and vegetables, gently cooked in human-food kitchens, and delivered to your door. No highly-processed, burnt brown balls — just real food that’s better for them and easier for you.

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Dog Food Should Be Food

Fresh food is what kibble isn't.

Our founders started The Farmer’s Dog after learning that kibble and canned food aren't what most people believe it to be.

Our Founders, Brett & Jonathan

It's called "pet food," but the thing is, it's not food. It's true. Legally speaking, pet food is animal feed. It isn’t required to meet the basic legal standard for being “edible.” But loose labeling laws allow this extremely processed product to still be called “premium,” “natural,” and even “organic.”

So our founders made an appetizing alternative — fresh, truly healthy dog food that was as convenient for owners to feed as the status quo. It’s designed by board-certified vet nutritioniststo be complete and balanced, pre-portioned specifically foryour dog, and shipped to your door. 

It’s real food, for dogs, simply made, and made simple. Like food should be.

Fresh Fact

80% of dogs eat kibble. 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by age 2. We don’t believe in coincidences. Just fresh food. 

Heard Around the Park

Fewer Vet Visits

Increased Vitality

Clear Skin & Shiny Coat

Less "Dog Odor"

Better #2

"At almost $80/month, Porter’s meds were adding expensive chemicals to his daily intake and only masking the issue. Since we switched to The Farmer’s Dog, he’s been scratching much less and his skin has lost the red, inflamed color. He’s enjoying every last bite!"

"Chuck is crazy about the food. I’ve seen a big change in his behavior—he’s much more active—runs and runs in our local park, is chasing balls like when he was a puppy... The change is amazing and totally worth the price of the food.”

Chuck's mom

Porter's mom