Put an Extra Spring in Your Dog's Step.

This spring, let us brighten up your pup's bowl with fresh, human-grade food. Our vet-developed, pre-portioned recipes are made with gently steamed meat and veggies delivered right to your door.

“An online pet food company that makes feeding real food to dogs really easy.”

“Researchers concluded that fresh diets do demonstrate a number of pet health benefits.”

“It is never deep frozen, and it never sits on a shelf. All you do is open the pack and pour.”

Meet A Fresh Approach To Pet Food

Food made for the love (and health) of dogs doesn’t look like a burnt brown ball. It looks like food! Ours is formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists to be complete and balanced, and made with human-grade ingredients that are gently steamed to help retain their maximum nutritional value. Choose from a variety of fresh, personally portioned recipes including chicken, beef, turkey and more!


Green Vegetables

Whole muscle and organ meat make up the majority of all of our recipes. Because our food is fresh, it can provide essential nutrients and hydration, while being high in protein, calorically dense, and more digestible than the highly processed “meal” powders and starchy fillers often used in kibble and canned food.

Including fresh vegetables in a dog’s diet can provide health-boosting antioxidants. We use only whole, healthy vegetables — not past-their-prime scraps rendered into unidentifiable pellets.


Supplemental Nutrients

Using fresh, whole vegetables also provides fiber, a key component of a dog’s diet — it helps maintain digestive health and a healthy gut, helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and leaves your dog feeling full for longer.

To ensure our fresh recipes are nutritionally complete and balanced, we add high-quality supplemental nutrients, like fish oil. It’s Human-Grade, filled with Omega-3s, and really tasty!

Heard Around the Park

"Chuck is crazy about the food. I’ve seen a big change in his behavior—he’s much more active—runs and runs in our local park, is chasing balls like when he was a puppy... The change is amazing and totally worth the price of the food.”

Chuck's mom

"At almost $80/month, Porter’s meds were adding expensive chemicals to his daily intake and only masking the issue. Since we switched to The Farmer’s Dog, he’s been scratching much less and his skin has lost the red, inflamed color. He’s enjoying every last bite!"

Porter's mom

Porter's mom

How Your Plan Works

Build Your Plan

Try It Out

Fall In love

Simply tell us a little bit about your dog, and we’ll create a personally portioned plan to meet their unique nutritional and caloric needs.

To start, you’ll get 50% off a trial box with two weeks of fresh food – perfect for your pup to get a taste.

If you and your dog love it - we think you will! - you’re all set. You’ll start receiving full boxes of food automatically whenever you’re running low.

Here's Why it's Life Changing

Never Run Out

We deliver our food to your door on your schedule, so you can skip the pet store runs. One less thing to think about.

Health Goals

Whether your dog’s a puppy or a senior, overweight or underweight, our personally portioned plans can help them be a healthier, happier version of themself.

Real Food Made Real Simple

Your trial box comes with easy to follow transition instructions and a personalized feeding guide – no more “how much do I scoop?” guessing games.

We're Here if You Need Us

We’re a team of real, passionate dog people, ready to answer all your canine questions and adjust your dog’s fresh food plan for every life phase. We’re friendly, so reach out any time!